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Pre-Pharmacy Club Constitution


Ratified April 14, 2003


Article I




Section I:            The name of this organization shall be the Winona State University

Pre-Pharmacy Club (WSUPPC). 


Section II:            The WSUPPC shall consist of its elected officers and its individual club



Article II




Section I:              The objectives of the organization shall be:


A.     To promote and to encourage education about the ever-expanding, ever-changing, and heavily opportunistic field of pharmacy. 


B.     To provide students with pertinent information about colleges of

      pharmacy and their individual prerequisites and expectations. 


C.     To provide club members with tangible experiences in pharmacies and

      colleges of pharmacy. 


D.     To promote discussion about current topics within the field of pharmacy.


E.  To provide a fun and growing college experience for its guests and 



E.      To contribute to and be recognized by the community through

involvement in charitable activities. 


Article III




Section I:            The current estimates suggest strong commitment from 11 pre-pharmacy

students.  The primary target group, however, will be freshman

students because of the temporal nature of the two-year

pre-pharmacy curriculum. 


Section II:            To become a member of the WSUPPC, students of any major must attend

a minimum of two meetings per academic year.


Article IV




Section I:            The officers of the WSUPPC shall consist of the president, vice president,

                        secretary, treasurer, ASO representative, and public relations officer. 


Section II:            All officers must be declared in the pre-pharmacy program at WSU and

                        possess a true desire to educate and to advise those potentially interested

                        in the field of pharmacy.  In addition, all students running for officer

                        positions must have gained membership status prior to the election date.


Section III:            The duties of the officers shall be:


A.     President – To oversee all projects, committees, and elections, to

prepare the agenda with the vice president, and to run WSUPPC meetings.  He/she must attend all meetings unless excused by the vice president. 


B.     Vice President – To prepare the agenda with the president, to assist the

president with all decision-making, and to assume the duties of the

presidency in his/her absence.  He/she must attend all meetings unless

excused by the president. 


C.     Secretary – To be acquainted with WSUPPC policies and procedures,

to maintain all minutes at club meetings, and to post the minutes

within 48 hours of each meeting.  He/she must attend all meetings

unless excused by the president. 


D.     Treasurer – To maintain all accounts, to be in charge of fund

disbursals, and to keep officers informed of the club’s financial

status.  He/she must attend all meetings unless excused by the



E.      ASO Representative – To represent the WSUPPC at all Alliance of

Student Organizations (ASO) meetings and to report to the officers

and clubs members about news relevant to the club.  He/she must

attend all meetings unless excused by the president. 


F.  Public Relations Officer – To coordinate activities for the club, to be in

                             charge of all public relation efforts, and to report to the officers and

                             club members about developments.  He/she must attend all meetings

     unless excused by the president. 



Section IV:             Upon finding grounds for dismissal, any officer may call for a closed

                        session of the officers except the one in question to meet and discuss

                        motives for removing that officer.  In all matters concerning the

                        removal of an officer, a consensus decision to remove must be reached by

                        all officers except the one under investigation.


Section V:              In the case of the vacancy of the president, the vice president will assume

all presidential responsibilities.  If a position under the presidency is left

vacant, the officers will elect a deserving member to fill that position for

the remainder of the academic year. 


Article IV




Section I:          Elections shall be held at the club meeting each March.  Closed ballot will be the designated election method. 


Section II:            Any student holding club membership status prior to the election in March

may run for any position.


Section III:            Club members shall nominate themselves for an office position.  If

running opposed, they can expect to briefly explain to the club their intent   

for running on election night prior to voting.  Nominees may also be asked

to complete an application. 


Article V




Section I:          Meetings will take place once a month during the academic year.  However, if all acting officers consent that, because of time constraints or other unforeseen reasons, the club should not meet during a month, then a meeting will not be held.  


Section II:         The percentage of membership needed for quorum shall be 50% attendance. 


Article VI




Section I:          The WSUPPC will pay any club fees required for guest speakers, food, beverage, and public relations.  Transportation to and from events will be provided by volunteering members. 


Section II:         The club treasurer, under the supervision of the officers and the club advisor(s), is responsible for handling all financial matters of the club.


Section III:       All club funds appropriated by WSU must be filed in accounts through the WSU business office.  Records of WSUPPC accounts will be held in the club office. 


Section IV:       All club funds must be returned to the Student Activity Fund reserve in the case of organization dissolution. 


Article VII




Section I:          All officers have the ability to appoint committees at their discretion.  Committees will be organized to carry out basic club functions.  It will be the president’s duty to oversee all committees. 


Article VIII


Amendments and Ratification


Section I:          This constitution may be amended and ratified at any meeting by a two-thirds vote of those in attendance.  Any officer may propose an amendment to this constitution. 


Section II:         This constitution shall be revised as often as is deemed necessary by its officers. 


Article IX




Section I:            WSUPPC advisor(s) shall consist of a professor or professors from the

                        Chemistry Department. 


Article X


Non-Discrimination Statement

Section I:            Membership requirements must not violate Minnesota State Statute 363, which states that it is unfair discriminatory practice “to discriminate in any manner in the full utilization of or benefit from any educational institution, or the services rendered thereby to any person because of race, color, creed,  religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, status with  regard to public assistance, sexual orientation, or disability, or to fail to ensure physical and program access for disabled persons.”